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The TraderEvolution platform was introduced by CapitalFX to cater to professional traders seeking more advanced functionality than is available through most retail trading platforms.

Supported OS platforms
TraderEvolution Trading Platform

Why choose the TraderEvolution platform for your trading?

TraderEvolution is the brainchild of trading technology company PF Soft and is the culmination of almost 15 years of development. When you open the platform for the first time you will see it is a professional trading application with serious thought going into every feature. Easily one of the best looking trading interfaces you will ever interact with.

TraderEvolution Access


  • Access from desktop, phone, table and MAC
  • True multi-asset platform featuring low latency ECN and exchange connectivity

TraderEvolution Customisation

Fully Customisable

  • Bars, Candles, Kagi, P&F, Renko, Cluster chart, Tick charts and more
  • Panel docking and linking gives traders full control over the creation of their custom workspaces

TraderEvolution Active Traders

Active Traders

  • Market depth, Matrix, SuperDOM, and Scalper help traders find the best opportunity and entry point
  • Hot buttons and hotkeys make sure orders are promptly sent and opportunities are never lost

TraderEvolution Algos

Algorithmic Trading

  • Powerful C# AlgoStudio for coding up your own strategies
  • Code, debug, optimise and backtest your strategies from within the platform
  • Walk-forward optimisation, strategy testing and stats also provided

Same same but different, right?

We don't profit from your losses. We're transparent about how we execute your trades. We can backup what we say with verifiable proof.

TraderEvolution Features

The TraderEvolution platform boasts advanced tools and features designed to meet the needs of serious day traders and professionals. TraderEvolution is optimised for speed of entry, ease of use while incorporating the latest analytical tools, charting, order entry and order management.

TraderEvolution Account


Scalper is a professional panel for short-term high-frequency trading. It provides level 2 quotes, time & sales data, tick chart overlay, mouse trading mode, and more.

TraderEvolution Visual Trading

Visual Trading

Manage multiple positions and orders in a single click and directly from the charts using the TraderEvolution chart trading tool.

TraderEvolution Market Depth

Market Depth

Track and trade market sentiment and order flow through the Market Depth. TraderEvolution displays Level 1 and Level 2 quotes with a built-in order entry.

TraderEvolution Matrix

The Matrix

The Matrix module enables traders to easily work with the Market Depth through single click order entry, modification, and cancellation.

TraderEvolution Chart Types

10+ Chart Types

Bars, Candles, Kagi, P&F, Renko, Cluster chart, Tick charts and more. Time frames from 1-minute up to years are supported.

TraderEvolution Statistics

Account Statistics

Account growth, profit factor, trade population and drawdowns displayed in numerical and graphical format.


ECN Account Features

Pricing & Execution
From 0.0 Pips
1:100 or 1:200
Minimum Deposit
A$ 200 or equivalent
Zero Fee
Funding & Withdrawal
Margin Call/Stop
120% & 100%
Min. Trade Size
0.01 Lots
Max. Trade Size
Up to 1000 Lots
Free VPS
Trade over 20 lots / month
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  • Available Markets

    46 FX, 6 Commodities, 10 Indices, 5 Crypto

  • ECN Account Types

    Individual, Joint, Corporate and Trust accounts

  • Currencies & Commissions

    7 AUD, 7 USD, 6.2 EUR, 5.4 GBP, 9.5 SGD, 9 CAD

What Traders are Saying

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    Execution from
  • <25 ms
    Avg. FX Execution
  • 0.1 pips
    Avg. EURUSD spread