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At its core, Fair + Trade is about ensuring that your interests as a trader are aligned with our interests as a broker, and that through this mutually beneficial relationship, both parties are better off.

In more direct terms, we believe that traders are better off with us since we’re not making money from their losses. Furthermore, we see it as our duty to create the conditions that are conducive to a traders success, by offering institutional trading benefits to the individual.

We fulfil our purpose through and by:

Better and fairer pricing and execution

CapitalFX aims to be the number retail broker in the world for pricing and execution across all forex and metals. This is to say that your trades, executed with CapitalFX, will be as good or better than any other retail broker in the world.

Over time we aim to extend this reach beyond FX and Metals to Indices, commodities and all markets globally.

Refreshingly human

Bringing institutional benefits to the individual means we treat our clients the same way we expect to be treated by our prime broker, liquidity providers and technology partners - like a human, not a number. Why?

Because speaking to knowledgeable market participants is empowering.

Speaking with your broker should be like trading, you should be net up + knowledge having learned something from it, net down - stress. If this isn’t true then you’re likely dealing with the wrong counterparty and overleveraging.

Market Access

We aim to facilitate, not inhibit, our clients trading and investing; whenever, wherever, however and over whatever financial product they want to trade.

We will continue opening up new markets for our clients to trade and offering the most popular, new and cutting edge trading platforms and tools.

Radical Transparency

Radical transparency is about pulling back the curtains and showing you the inner workings of our operation, how and with who your trades have been executed and how this performs against a benchmark. i.e. how is CapitalFX performing with respect to our goal of being the best place in the world for you to execute your trades.

If our service to our clients is accountable then so should their trading performance be to themselves and to their stakeholders. We believe that mutual accountability lays the foundation for your success, and ours.

Bridging the knowledge gap

From liquidity and the nuances of market microstructure to risk management and achieving your best risk adjusted return. Knowing, understanding and respecting market fundamentals are some of the key differences between main street and wall street, retail and institutional traders.

Traders may only be seeing half of the picture when looking at the markets. We see it as our duty to shine light on these lesser known market truisms by sharing what we know with traders, and bringing in experts to share the rest.

All CapitalFX clients have access to a Discord chat room where they can share ideas and feedback with other CapitalFX clients or even air their dirty laundry. The point is, we don’t shy away from difficult conversations or critical feedback. We’re open, honest and transparent with our clients at all times.