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CapitalFX has a dedicated team of specialists ready to help you 24/7.

Monday - Saturday (AEDT) Sunday - Friday (GMT)
09:00 - 09:00 22:00 - 22:00

CapitalFX Address

CapitalFX PTY Ltd
Suite 604
35 Grafton Street
Bondi Junction

CapitalFX FX Address

CapitalFX FX
Govant Building
BP 1276
Port Vila

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Know how best to contact us via email is really important. This ensures that you get a prompt and appropriate response.

Who to contact

About When How
Accounts Account specific enquiries, including payments.
Institutional General corporate & institutional related enquiries.
Compliance General compliance & legal related enquiries.
Partners General IB & Affiliate related enquiries.
Marketing General marketing/advertising related enquiries.